Data exchange

The importance of the exchange of product data is rapidly increasing. Today, many companies pass their aggregated product information to salesman, customers or large commercial and search platforms.
Data exchange

Your product data can be easily imported into the VDMA E-Market

Step 1

Log into the E-Market and download your product data as an Excel template. If you do not have any products online by the time, you will receive an empty template.

Step 2

In the Excel template, you can delete, update or add products. Save the file after your changes. In order to import products pictures, save them in a Zip file.

Step 3

Upload your updated file. Now the products can be released or changed.

Import control itself

The VDMA E-Market has developed a special data import, which is able to process the data of various ERP systems. All companies can operate the easy-to-use data import by themselves. No longer has product data to be maintained individually and manually, but can be recreated or updated via bulk import.
Import control itself
Easy upload

Just upload

The upload is managed by the VDMA Verlag, our media service. You only have to insert your name and the company name and then upload the file. ThatÂ’s it. The VDMA Verlag will do the rest.

Our consulting services and services

Once you have delivered your product data export from the ERP system to us, we will perform last adjustments. This is a VDMA basic service, as we take care of the data standardization and categorization. With a proof of concept, make sure that everything has been imported correctly and completely.
You have questions about the VDMA E-Market?We will be glad to help you.
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