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VDMA E-Market provides an extensive research and procurement web portal for the fourth industrial revolution.

How it works

Step 1An engineer or purchaser is looking for products in the VDMA E-Market.
Step 2On each product page of the E-Market there is an "Inquire now" button. Just one click and the displayed product is placed in the shopping cart.
Step 3The partner platform myOpenFactory transfers the content of the shopping cart directly to the ERP system of the supplier.
Step 4As usual, the supplier creates an offer within his ERP system.
Step 5The customer receives the offer via myOpenFactory directly into his ERP system.


VDMA E-Market and myOpenFactory are increasing the efficiency of the procurement processes in mechanical and plant engineering.
MyOpenFactory enables communication between ERP systems and other online data sources. The cooperation platform communicates over a secure channel with the ERP system and exchanges documents among business partners. The system acts as a lowest common denominator of ERP systems.

Industry 4.0 and the VDMA

Intro text
Research is of major importance in the context of Industrie 4.0. Its results are a leading driver in the international race of the fourth industrial revolution and thus of Germany’s competitiveness as an industry site.
Norms & Standards
Standards are vital: Industrie 4.0 enables cross-company integration as well as the integration of different value-added networks. In this respect, norms and standards are crucial.
Integrated security first: In Industrie 4.0, IT security is essential for protecting the operation of company-wide manufacturing processes.
People & Work
Industrie 4.0 will lead to a lasting change of the industrial world. Thereby the task and the competence profiles of the employees as well as the design of work organization itself will change.
Production Organisation & Business Models
Not only has the mechanical and plant engineering sector a key role as a solution provider for Industrie 4.0, but it also offers great potential to increase efficiency, quality and flexibility for users. This is especially true for companies with customised production and small batch sizes.
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